Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Adventures

So next week I will begin a new adventure. Winona 360 is a website started at Winona State University last semester. This semester they are kicking off the site to the Winona community with a launch party on January 27th. I happened on the site through the Twitterverse when I checked who a fellow campus minister was following on Twitter and started to follow Winona360 on twitter. Well to keep a short story short: I contacted the director of the site and asked about the role of faith within the site.

Essentially, I wondered about the possibility of a faith section since "faith" plays a role within the 360 degree look of the community and its individuals. The director agreed to meet with me about the possibility and I have agree to write a weekly article dealing with faith (with the first article being do next Wednesday in time for the "launch"). I hope to use this as an opportunity to connect the faith communities of Winona with the larger community, highlighting the different things each faith community is doing and introducing some faith communities to those who may not know of them or that they exist. I hope it will be interesting and informative.

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