Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Distracting Myself From Ordination Questions

I am loving this technology. I finally decided to open up the pen and to give it a whirl as a method of distracting myself from what I should really be doing (finishing my ordination questions).

Seriously, Livescribe has blown my mind. I really wish this technology would have been available when I was sitting through lectures by Steinmetz, Hayes, Hauerwas, and most of all Dr. Warren Smith.

I am planning on using it for church committee meetings (some do not understand my usage of a laptop all the time and so now I will bring paper and pen), but most importantly I plan on using it for the "Outreach Winona" project that we got a grant for. Conversations with those out in the community will be integrated into my notes so I can go back and listen and compile all the thoughts as we look towards new ways to connect with those we have failed to connect with.

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