Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Need Your Help

So last night at the Outreach/Missions Committee meeting they were talking about T-Shirts for the Church, etc. and debating whether or not to do them as a fundraiser or to just have them for advertisement. Well I decided to interject and proposed that we do something different. I proposed that we make T-Shirts with our name on the front somehow (however that will be done will be up to someone else), with a slogan on the back.

Here is the catch though. I wanted this to be more than about T-Shirts, I wanted this to be a mission opportunity and so I proposed that we make the shirts and every shirt cost $10 and all that money go to Nothing But Nets (a favorite of mine). So every T-Shirt purchased will buy a bed net to help prevent the spread of malaria. (Granted I now get to try and convince people that this is a worthy thing to support and that I can turn their donation to help make the shirts into a greater gift for the larger body of humanity, etc.).

BUT I NEED YOUR HELP. I need to come up with a catchy phrase on the back that references the fact that the T-Shirt the person is wearing is helping prevent malaria by paying for a bed net. I know I have creative friends and so please do help by posting your ideas in the comment section.

My goal is going to be to get the church to get 200 bed nets by selling 200 T-Shirts (plus then that is 200 people spreading the news about Malaria and how it can be prevented on the back of their shirts......again the reason it should be catchy and intriguing).

Thank you in advance.

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